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Vol 8, No 5 (2011)



Fedotova M.M., Ogorodova L.M., Fedorova O.S., Evdokimova T.A., Fedotova M.M., Ogorodova L.M., Fyodorova O.S., Evdokimova T.A.


The review presents data on the molecular structure and physicochemical properties of the most common allergenic components of animal origin foods: eggs, fish, cows milk. The results of modern studies of the molecular structural features of allergens, their IgE-binding capacity and cross-reactivity are expounded. The aspects of the natural history of food allergies to these foods are presented.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):3-9
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Local and systemic immune response in patients withsevere atopic dermatitis

Filimonova T.M., Elisyutina O.G., Fedenko E.S., Niyazov D.D., Boldyreva M.N., Burmenskaya O.V., Rebrova O.Y., Filimonova T.M., Elisyutina O.G., Fedenko E.S., Niazov D.D., Boldyreva M.N., Burmenskaya O.V., Rebrova O.Y.


Background. to comparatively investigate cytokine gene expression in the skin and peripheral blood of atopic dermatitis (AD) patients and healthy individuals. Methods. Samples of skin and peripheral blood from 48 severe AD patients SCORAD (Scoring Atopic Dermatitis) 78,5 [57; 89], IGA (Investigators Global Assessment) 4,2 [3,9; 4,7]) at the age of 17 to 45 years and 20 healthy donors aged from 19 to 32 years were analyzed for gene expression of cytokines using real time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Results. In the skin of patients with AD, a significant increase of the level of gene expression was observed for interleukin IL2R (interleukin) (р=0,0023), IL5 (р=0,002), IL6 (р=0,0023), IL8 (р=0,01), IL12β (р=0,0023), IL10 (р=0,0023), IL23 (р=0,002), IL29 (р=0,0023), and TGFβ (transforming growth factor) (p=0,0023) as compared to healthy individuals. In contrast, no difference between AD patients and healthy donors was detected with respect to cytokine gene expression in the peripheral blood. Conclusions. Activity of IL-2R, IL-8, IL-12β, IL-23, IL-29, and TGFβ that are markers of chronic inflammation and Th1 immune response in severe AD and IL-5, IL-10 that are anti-inflammatory cytokines and markers of Th2 response was predominant in the skin but not in the blood of AD patients.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):10-15
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Effect of t reat ment of parasite s a nd inte stinaldisbiosis in t he c ourse of a sthma

Yakovleva V.K., Fedoseev G.B., Eliseeva M.V., Trofimov V.I., Yakovleva V.K., Fedoseev G.B., Eliseeva M.V., Trofimov V.I.


Background. The results of observation of patients with bronchial asthma (ВА), parasitic invasion and intestine disbacteriosis before and after treatment have been described in the article. Methods. The basic group (ВА(+)) included 46 patients with ВА, parasitic invasion, disbacteriosis of intestine or their combination. The control group included 18 patients without disbacteriosis and parasitic invasion. The following examination was done: PS was assessed by ACTtest (asthma Control Test), respiratory function (RF ), helminthoovoscopy of faeces, P CR of faeces for lamblia Giardia, bacteriologic examination of faeces. Results. Complex treatment resulted in improvement of B A symptoms, decreased number of B A relapses and decreased number of hospitalization. Also the increasing of F EF 25 and F EF 50 was evaluated. S ame tendency was not traced in B A group and in patients with isolated lambliosis. Conclusion. Treatment of helminthiasis and intestine disbacteriosis improves the overall bronchial asthma treatment outcome.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):16-20
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Regulat ory T-cells in periphera l blood of pat ientswith br onchial ast hma

Kremer E.E., Kirillova N.A., Teplova N.V., Deev I.A., Petrova I.V., Ogorodova L.M., Kremer E.E., Kirillova N.A., Teplova N.V., Deev I.A., Petrova I.V., Ogorodova L.M.


Background. To investigate the expression of surface molecules CD4+CD25high and CD4+FoxP3+ on regulatory T-cells (Treg) in patients with different severity of bronchial asthma (BA). Methods. We included 19 patients with severe BA, 12 patients with mild BA and 17 healthy donors. The circulating percentage of CD4+CD25high and CD4+FoxP3+ T-reg in peripheral blood was estimated by the flow cytometry analysis (FACSCalibur, Becton Dickinson, USA). Results. Numbers of peripheral blood CD4+CD25high was significantly decreased in mild BA compared to healthy control. Patients with severe BA had increased levels of CD4+FoxP3+ and CD4+CD25high compared to mild BA. Conclusion. Our results demonstrate new scientific data on the phenotypic characteristics and the level of T-reg in peripheral blood at different clinical forms of asthma. This fact confirms the existence of immunoregulatory control mechanisms of allergic inflammation involving T-reg.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):21-25
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Varlamov E.E., Pampura A.N., Varlamov E.E., Pampura A.N.


In presented article modern data about relationship of filaggrin mutation with development and clinic manifestation of atopic dermatitis are summarized.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):26-30
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Clinic al and immunologic al characteristic ofinfants with atopic dermatitis

Ivanova N.A., Kuz'mina G.A., Kochish L.T., Begaeva N.N., Afanas'eva N.M., Ivanova N.A., Kuzmina G.A., Kochish L.T., Begaeva N.N., Afanasyeva N.M.


Background. The research is focused on the particularities of formation and course of atopic dermatitis in infancy depending on the range of sensitization and class of revealed antibodies. Methods. The article presents the results of clinical and immunological observation of 116 children aged from 1 month to 3 years with the clinical-anamnestic signs of atopic dermatitis. The immunological observation consisted of the following stages: determination of concentration of the general IgE, quantitative testing of concentrations of the serum IgE and IgG4 antibodies to allergens of cow and goat milk, chicken eggs and wheat, house dust and through the immune-enzyme analysis. Results and discussion. According to the results of the immunological observation the patients were divided into 3 groups: I - IgE+IgG4 - positive, II - IgG4 - positive, III - absence of above-mentioned classes of antibodies. The patients of group I are characterized by the early sensitization to cow milk proteins, the manifestation of the disease up to 3 months appears on pure breast feeding. The detection of the specific IgE antibodies to allergens of chicken eggs is a sign of danger of the development of sensitization towards inhalation house dust allergens and of the formation of respiratory allergy. For the children of group II the later age of manifestation of skin process (in more than half of children after introduction of milk food) and easier course of disease are significant. Anamnesis of the disease and the clinical manifestations of one third of patients of group III in the absence of the evidence of IgE-sensitization coincides with that of the patients of group I (age of manifestation, severity of disease). In accordance with received results, we can suggest that in this group there are patients with the unidentified immunopathological mechanism of formation of the disease. Conclusion. The immunological observation of infants by the detection of the specific IgE and IgG4 antibodies to widespread food allergens allows to reveal the peculiarities of immune response which in their turn define the clinical-anamnestic signs of atopic dermatitis.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):31-36
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Use of Broncho-Munal after measles vacc ination inkids with recu rrent infections

Kharit S.M., Nacharova E.P., Kaplina S.P., Monakhova N.E., Goleva O.V., Kharit S.M., Nacharova E.P., Kaplina S.P., Monahova N.E., Goleva O.V.


Abstract: 15 kids (1-3 years old) with recurrent infections received therapy with Broncho-munal (1 capsule/day) from the day 1 till the day 30 after measles vaccination. The control group of 29 kids of the same age did not receive any immunomodulatory therapy after the vaccination. 12 out of 15 (80%) kids in the Broncho-munal group developed no complications after the vaccination compared with 20 out of 29 kids (68,9%) in the control group. The frequency of intercurrent infections was 3,5 times lower in the Broncho-munal group. The kids in the Broncho-munal group developed neither lymphopenia nor leukopenia. They had increased counts of CD25+ and CD20+ cells by the day 30 after the vaccination, prolonged production of the specific antibodies as well as higher geometric mean titers of the anti-measles antibodies on the day 45 after the vaccination. Taken together these observations suggest that Broncho-munal protected from the transitory immunosuppressive effects of the vaccination.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):37-44
pages 37-44 views

Efficien cy of Aminoacid Formula in dietotherapyof food allergy in children : clinical eviden ces

Taran N.N., Filatova T.A., Lavrova T.E., Taran N.N., Filatova Т.А., Lavrova Т.Е.


Cow's milk allergy (CM A) is the most common food allergy in young children. Babies who develop cow's milk protein (CMP ) allergy may have one or several of the following symptoms: skin rash or gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain or cramps, vomiting or diarrhea). The symptoms can be controlled through a dairy-free diet. So the diagnosis and elimination of CMP is an essential element in management of children with CM A. This article provides a summary of extensive clinical research behind the Nutrilon Aminoacid, demonstrating the clinical efficacy through 25 years of experience.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):45-50
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Vorzheva I.I., Chernyak B.A., Vorzheva I.I., Chernyak B.A.


The case of the DRESS syndrome developed at the 64 years old patient after carbamazepine intake is reported. Clinical manifestation of a DRESS syndrome was characterized by a fever, leucocytosis, high eosinophilia of peripheral blood and sputum, multivisceral involving: skin (maculopapular exanthema), liver (hepatitis), lungs (eosinophilic pneumonia), lymphadenopathy. Treatment with prednisolone for two months (a starting doze of 60 mg /day) caused full recovery of the patient.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):51-53
pages 51-53 views


Pampura A.N., Pampura А.N.


The article is devoted to modern approaches of H1-antihistamines for the treatment of children with allergic disease.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):54-58
pages 54-58 views


Makarova S.G., Borovik T.E., Yatsyk G.V., Zvonkova N.G., Makarova S., Borovik T., Yatsyk G., Zvonkova N.


The article includes a brief literature review of clinical and experimental studies of intestinal uptake and absorption of macromolecules. Results of own research of the gut permeability for human milk α-lactalbumin in premature infants (30-36 weeks) are presented. The study revealed a reduction of gut permeability during the first months of life regardless of gestation age and type of feeding. Absorption of human milk α-lactalbumin did not decrease in babies with allergy symptoms, which appeared during the first month after birth. Study of gut barrier function in infants with skin and gastrointestinal manifestations of food allergy has shown maintenance and further increasing of intestinal permeability for human α-lactalbumin during the first year of life. In this regard, the indications for the use of specialized amino acids based formula Neocate were considered and the results of its application were presented.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):59-65
pages 59-65 views

Case report on clinical efficacy of Laennecin atopic dermatitis patient suffering from secondary infertility

Elisyutina O.G., Fedenko E.S., Kustova E.V., Gilel's A.V., Elisyutina O.G., Fedenko E.S., Kustova E.V., Gilels A.V.


In this article the case of AD patient with secondary infertility is presented. The therapy of this patient included the course of modern hepatoprotector and immunomodulator «Laennek» («Japan Bioproducts Industry Co has been spent., Ltd», Japan), which is a human placenta hydrolysate. The treatment has allowed not only to reach AD remission, but also has influenced a current of secondary infertility and has led to long¬expected pregnancy.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):66-69
pages 66-69 views

Comparison of the efficacy and safety of nebulizedbeclometasone dipropionate and budesonide in severe persistent childhood asthma

Delacourt C., Dutau G., Lefrançois G., Clerson P.


In this article, results of multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial of efficacy and safety of nebulized beclomethasone dipropionate suspension in comparison with nebulized budesonide suspension are shown. Both drugs demonstrated similar efficacy and safety in therapy of severe childhood asthma.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):70-72
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Yarilin A.A. 75th Anniversary

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):73-73
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Luss L.V. Anniversary

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):74-74
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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2011;8(5):76-76
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