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Vol 7, No 2 (2010)



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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):3-4
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Cathelicidins - antimicrobal peptides and their role in immuno- pathology

Budikhina A.S., Pinegin В.V.


Cathelicidins are a family of cationic amphipathic antimicrobial polypeptides, which play an important role in innate and adaptive immunity. The knowledge of biological effects of these peptides allows to use them not only as an alternative to common antimicrobial therapies. Cathelicidins may also be used for the re-activation of an immune system that has been suppressed by an infection or inflammation, for modulation of inflammation as lipopolysaccharide-binding drugs, and for the activation of regenerative processes. Besides, examination of cathelicidins may serve to detect individuals prone to infectious diseases, to monitor infectious process control in these patients, and to select efficient therapy.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):5-12
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Helicobacter pylori infection: regulatory role of cytokines in inflammation and allergy

Varyushina E.A., Simbirtsev A.S.


Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative bacterium that chronically infects the stomach of more than 50% of human population and represents the major cause of gastroduodenal pathologies. The H. pylori infection is followed by local inflammatory response in gastric mucosa and proinflammatory cytokine production, and preferably elicits a T-helper 1 (Thl) immune response. Bronchial asthma and allergic diseases are orchestrated by Th2 cytokines. A negative association between the H. pylori infection and frequency of allergic diseases was found. Investigations of possible molecular mechanisms of the association are required for research of novel strategies of prevention and treatment of allergic diseases.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):13-22
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The level of immunoglobulin E in patients with pyoinflammatory diseases

Druzhinina T.A., Alekseeva N.U., Molotilov B.A., Ivachov A.S., Peskov A.V.


Object. Cause-and-effect relations^ assessment of immunoglobulin E leveTs increase in patients with pyoinplammatory diseases. Materials and methods. 80 patients with acute appendicitis, 51 patients with chronic recurrent furunculosis, 27 patients with chronic osteomyelitis aged 16 to 60 years old have been examined. The patients with the increased IgE level underwent clinical and allergologycal assessment. Patients with chronic pyoinplammatory diseases had been skin tested with the Staphylococcus aureus allergens. Results. Total IgE level was increased in all nosologic groups of patients. In patients with the increased IgE level atopy or antihelminths antibodies have been established. In patients with chronic pyoinflammatory total IgE level was not changed but negative correlative connections between the level of immunoglobulin and the late phase of immediate hypersensitivity reaction have been shown. Increased level of serum immunoglobulin E in patients with acute appendicitis confirmed more serious involvement of appendix and surrounding tissues and the higher indexes of white blood cells count before the operation. Conclusion. Increased IgE level in patients with pyoinflammatory diseases reflects Th2 type of immune response mostly due to the condition of atopy or parasites. The higher rate of development of destructive and complicated forms of appendicitis is typical for the patients with acute appendicitis and the increased IgE level.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):23-27
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Fotophoresis and laser treatment in patients with chroniceczema

Perlamutrov Y.U., Katushonok E.V.


The aim. To evaluate the efficiency of physiotherapeutic methods and combine therapy on immune system and on oxidation process in patientes with chronic eczema. Materials and methods. There were 32 patients with severe chronic eczema, who were treated with standard systemic and topical therapy plus photophoresis with mometasone furoat (1 mg) and supracutaneus laser irradiation of blood (1 procedure). The efficiency of therapy was detected by the changes of EASI index, cell and humoral immunity parameters, antioxidation status. Results. After using of combine therapy in severe eczema patients positive changes in severity of cutaneous process and prolongation of remission periods were found out as well as normalization of immune status and levels of oxidation processes. Conclusion. The combine treatment of patients with severe chronic eczema is effective, available method of therapy of chronic eczema patients.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):28-31
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Nitric oxide in exhaled air as a marker of bronchial asthma control

Nenasheva N.M., Fomina D.S., Buriev B.B.


Background. To study the clinical value of determining NO in exhaled air in patients with bronchial asthma (BA), as well as its role as marker of asthma control and the relationship with other indicators of BA control. Materials and methods. 114 patients with BA (age 18 to 82) have been examined. Clinical and specific allergical surveys, spirometry and bronchial hyperresponsiveness have been performed. The level of NOex has been measured by NIOX MINO device; Aerocrine AB, Sweden. Asthma control determined by using the ACT-test. Results. It was found that NOex in patients with atopic BA statistically was significantly (p=0,0008) higher than in the healthy control group, the same in patients with nonatopic В A (p=0,00419). The existence of statistically significant correlations between the level of NOex and phase of BA, level NOex and spirometry, NOex and the ACT-test for patients with atopic BA was found. Reducing NOex >20% in response to the correction of the asthma therapy is a sign of achieving asthma control, OR=3,18; 0:1,13-8,92. Conclusion. NOex can be in use as an indicator of control in patients with atopic BA, that statistically significantly correlate with the level of asthma control determined by the doctor (phase of BA), the level of control, determined by the patient (ACT-test), as well as a spirometry (FEV ). NOex is a sensitive marker of response to anti-inflammatory asthma therapy.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):32-36
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Allergy and vaccination

Medunitsyn N.V.


Data on post-vaccinal reactions and complications connected with antigens of vaccines, their admixtures and different kinds of additives presented. Causes of post-vaccinal reactions, the most frequent among them is allergy, have been analyzed.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):37-42
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Interferon-a in clinical practice

Nesterova I.V.


The article is devoted to IFN -a usage in clinical practice, virus detection, main IFN -a effects: antiviral, antitumor, immunoregulatory. Described efficacy of recombinant IFN -a - viferon in virus-associated diseases.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):43-52
pages 43-52 views

Clinical Immunology and Immune Associated Inflammatory Diseases

Ilina N.I.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):54-57
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Allergic rhinitis and it's impact on asthma (ARIA 2008) (Part 4)

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):58-66
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Avamis (fluticasone furoate) - new intranasal corticosteroid for the treatment of allergic rhinitis

Emelianov A.V.


Рассмотрены свойства флутиказона фуроата (ФФ) - нового интраназального глюкокортикоида для лечения аллергического ринита (АР) у взрослых и детей с 2 лет. Отличительными особенностями ФФ являются высокая и длительная противовоспалительная активность наряду с низкой биодоступностью. Клинические исследования показали, что одновременно с назальными препарат стабильно уменьшает выраженность глазных симптомов АР и имеет благоприятный профиль безопасности. Усовершенствованная система доставки ФФ позволяет повысить приверженность пациентов к терапии. Применение ФФ значительно повышает качество жизни больных АР, восстанавливает дневную активность, ночной сон, работоспособность, снижает медико-социальное бремя заболевания и затраты пациентов на его лечение за счет уменьшения потребности в других лекарственных средствах.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):67-73
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Participation of Neuropeptides and β-endorphin in Pathogenesis of Atopic Dermatitis. Evaluation of Levocetirizine Effectiveness upon Neuropeptides' Levels at Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Revyakina V.A., Agaphonov A.S., Sentsova T.B., Phabrika M.P.


Objective. Determination of the role of neuropeptides and p-endorphin in developmental mechanisms of atopic dermatitis, and assessment of the effectiveness of levocetirizine, a modern Hl-antihistamine, on atopic dermatitis symptoms and its influence on the SCORAD index in children with atopic dermatitis. Materials and methods. 84 children with atopic dermatitis of moderate-to-severe or severe clinical nature, aged 1 to 17 years, were enrolled in this (double-blind or open, randomised, etc.) study. Patients were treated with levocetirizine 5 mg once daily during 14 days. The levels of P substance, neurokinin A, neurokinin B, and p-endorphin in blood serum, as well as levocetirizine effectiveness on disease symptoms and the SCORAD index were evaluated. Results. Lower neuropeptide levels were associated with disease severity; children with severe atopic dermatitis had lower neuropeptide values. Before treatment, SCORAD index in children with severe atopic dermatitis was 76,5±11,3, and after 7 days of therapy SCORAD index was 14±6,2 points (p< 0,01). By the 7th day after treatment initiation, the acute atopic dermatitis became of subacute nature and was accompanied by a regression of the cutaneous eruption in the form of significant decreasing of skin manifestations and pruritus, absence of new eruption and normalized sleep. In children with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis the SCORAD index before levocetirizine treatment was 44,2±3,4 points; on the 3rd day, this index was 20,4±2,6 points; and on the 7th day there was a complete absence of clinical symptoms of the main disease. Levocetirizine administration led to the disappearance of the disease clinical symptoms and pruritus in children with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. Conclusion. This trial demonstrated that neuropeptides are involved in the developmental mechanisms of atopic dermatitis and that levocetirizine can significantly improve the signs and symptoms of children with moderate-to-severe or severe atopic dermatitis.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):74-80
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Improvement of treatment and prophylaxis measures in atopic dermatitis associated with Malassezia and Candida sensitization

Sokolova T.V., Klivitskaya N.A.


Цель-работы. Разработка комплекса лечебно-профилактических мероприятий при атопическом дерматите (АтД), ассоциированном с сенсибилизацией к дрожжевой флоре. Материалы и методы. 60 больных АтД в возрасте от 6 до 37 лет, мужчин и женщин поровну. Более половины больных (58,3%) - с тяжелым течением АтД, 86,7% имели стадию обострения. Диагноз кандидоза колеи и слизистых оболочек (СО) ставился в соответствии общепринятым классификациям. Степень тялсести АтД оценивалась по шкале SCORAD. Для выделения дролокевой флоры использованы бактериологические методы. Видовую идентификацию Malassezia spp. проводили по морфологическим, физиологическим, хемотаксономическим признакам. Определение антигена-маннана проводили методом ИФА. Результаты. Поверхностный кандидоз кожи и/или СО выявлен у 56,7% больных. Malassezia spp. с пораженной кожи вырастали у всех больных АтД. Колонизация кожи на поралсенных участках составляла 104-108 КОЕ/см2, на непоралсенных - 103- 10s. В комплексную терапию АтД были включены топические антимикотики (пимафуцин, залаин), антисептик (бетадин), парафармацевтик (рефунгин) при соблюдении режима питания. Выралсенный терапевтический эффект зарегистрирован через 2 мес у 90% больных и сохранялся на протялсении 6 мес (86,6%) и года (80%). Заключение. Сенсибилизация к Malassezia spp. и Candida spp. является важным фактором хронизации АтД. Включение в комплексную терапию антимикотиков способствуют успеху проводимой терапии.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):81-88
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«ZODAK» in the treatment of allergy in children

Kulagina V.V., Miroshnichenko A.P., Zhestkov A.V.


Цель работы. Оценить эффективность и безопасность препарата цетиризина (зодак) при аллергических заболеваниях у детей. Материалы и методы. В исследование включены 30 детей, страдающих атопическим дерматитом (АтД) и сезонным аллергическим ринитом (САР). 1-ю группу составили 15 детей с АтД, 2-ю группу - 15 пациентов с САР. Для оценки эффективности лечения АтД использовали шкалу учета степени тяжести клинических проявлений SCORAD и дневники самооценки. Динамика симптомов САР отражалась в дневниках самоконтроля. Результаты. Положительный эффект от проведенного лечения отмечался у всех детей с АтД. К моменту завершения терапии индекс SCORAD уменьшился с 61,1 до 14,2 балла. Отмечено достоверное снижение субъективных симптомов к концу лечения цетиризином. У 10 пациентов (66,7%) отмечался существенный регресс большинства симптомов АтД. Носовое дыхание улучшилось у всех детей, выраженная положительная динамика отмечалась в изменении симптомов чихания и ринореи. Заключение. Двухнедельный курс терапии цетиризином детей с АтД и САР позволил достичь значительного клинического улучшения в лечении болезни. Переносимость препарата была хорошей. Препарат приводит к улучшению качества жизни пациентов при отсутствии побочных эффектов.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):89-93
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Academician Rem Petrov, 80th Anniversary

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):94-96
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Academician Rem Victorovich Petrov - Russian school of immunology from an idea to reality

Kovalchuk L.V.
Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):97-101
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Congresses, Conferences

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):102-102
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Instructions for Authors

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Russian Journal of Allergy. 2010;7(2):103-106
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