Multidrug resistance gene (MDR1) - marker of therapeutic resistance and severity of disease

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Genes polymorphism is known to be one of the causes of the inadequate response to drugs or drugs resistance. In the most of cases drugs influence depends on interaction of several products of genes expression, which influence on drugs pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
Present article concerns the review of publications and results of original investigations concerning the multidrug resistance gene (MDRl) expression associations with P-glycoprotein-170 (Pgp-170) expression in different diseases and the role of Pgp-170 in distribution of drugs in tissues.

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Z A Mironova

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

V I Trofimov

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

M A Simakova

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

Department of Hospital Therapy, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

E D Iantchina

Department of Molecule and Gene Technologies, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

Department of Molecule and Gene Technologies, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

M V Dubina

Department of Molecule and Gene Technologies, LP. Pavlov State Medical University

Department of Molecule and Gene Technologies, LP. Pavlov State Medical University


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