Preparation and properties evaluation of the recombinant analogue of birch pollen allergen Bet v 1

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Background. For wide introduction of the component allergy diagnostics in laboratory practice it is necessary to create methods of production, purification and verification of synthetic allergens. Major birch pollen protein Bet v 1, a representative of the superfamily PR-10, is interesting due to the high incidence of sensitization and the manifestation of cross-reactive properties. Methods. To receive a synthetic protein DNA cloning techniques were used, followed by expression in E. coli. Purification was made by metal-affinity chromatography. Evaluation of immunochemical properties was held in several tests including ELISA analysis and line-blot. Results. We have obtained high-yield bacterial strain E. coli, containing expression vector for protein Bet v 1 production. Physico-chemical and immunological properties were estimated in various test systems with the reference panel of serum. Conclusion. It was shown that the resulting synthetic analogue of protein Bet v 1 can be used to measure the presence of specific immunoglobulin E in serum samples. This allergenic component may be used for estimation of each component of the sensitization profile.

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About the authors

A E Pavlov

Vega Ltd. group of Companies «Alkor Bio»; Saint-Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

N A Seylieva

Vega Ltd. group of Companies «Alkor Bio»

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

O YU Mukhortykh

Vega Ltd. group of Companies «Alkor Bio»

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

V E Stefanov

Saint-Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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