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The survey shows the role of periostin in the asthma research. This is extracellular protein involved in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammation in asthma in children and adults. The role of periostin in the pathogenesis of atopic and nonatopic diseases was analyzed in this review. The appearance of the biomarker, responsible for airways remodeling, can give a clear understanding of the clinical stage of the process and the ability to achieve asthma control. Correlation between periostin, peripheral blood eosinophilia and fractional exhaled nitric oxide can be considered as an additional criterion for control of the disease.

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About the authors

S S Masalskiy

Stavropol State Medical University


A S Kalmikova

Stavropol State Medical University

O P Ukhanova

Stavropol State Medical University

L Y Klimov

Stavropol State Medical University

A V Razgulaeva

Stavropol State Medical University


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