The trained immunity phenomenon and mechanisms of action of non-specific immunomodifiers

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The discovery of the trained immunity phenomenon, which explains adaptive characteristics of the components of the innate immunity, not only to modernizes our understanding of the fundamentals of anti-infectious defense, but also contributes to further progress in the development and more rational selection and use of immunomodulatory agents. Induction of memory within the innate immune response is the basis of long-lasting immunomodulating effects of some non-specific immunomodifiers, which either contain ligands for innate immunity receptors or modulate the immune response pathway mediated by these receptors. For the first time, the mechanisms of action of pidotimod (a synthetic dipeptide with immunomodulatory properties) have been re-examined in the light of the trained immunity phenomenon.

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About the authors

O V Kalyuzhin

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University



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