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Chronic recurrent herpes virus infection is a major problem of modern health care, not only due to its wide distribution among the reproductive age population, but also due to the complexity of the control of this disease, in spite of modern treatment methods. This situation is a result of the development of so called «vicious circle» - the severity of herpes virus infection depends on the degree of immunosuppression and on the nature of immune system disorders caused by immunosuppressive properties of the virus. Understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease and especially local and systemic immune response helps to shape immunopathogenetic approach to therapy of herpes virus infection. Study of immunomodulator Laennek® («Japan Bioproducts Co., Ltd», Japan) efficacy as adjuvant therapy of chronic recurrent viral infection caused by the herpes simplex viruses type 1, 2 showed good results.

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About the authors

I N Zuikova

Institute of Immunology


A E Shulzhenko

Institute of Immunology; Moscow State university of medicine and dentistry

R V Shchubelko

Institute of Immunology

I A Zuikov

Pravdinskya policlinic

I M Karimova

Moscow State university of medicine and dentistry


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