Clinical and allergological characteristic of children with allergic rhinitis receiving allergen-specific immunotherapy in Altai region

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The purpose of this study. To investigate clinical characteristics of the allergic rhinitis in children receiving allergen-specific immunotherapy. Methods. The epidemiologic observational multicenter study was conducted with the allergists of Altai region. The participating allergists filled out the specially designed medical record card on children with allergic rhinitis receiving ASIT. The study lasted from October 2013 to March 2014. Results. Allergists have filled out medical record cards of 165 children with allergic rhinitis receiving ASIT. The average age of children was 10,5±2,3 years, with the average of 4,8±2,5 years of allergic rhinitis prior to the start of ASIT. 159 (96,2%) children had moderate/severe allergic rhinitis, and 121 (73,3%) children had persistent allergic rhinitis. In 123 (74,5%) children rhinitis was accompanied by allergic conjunctivitis, and in 70 (42,2%) children - by bronchial asthma. 69 (41,8%) children receiving ASIT were mono-sensitized, 96 (58,2%) children were polysensitized. 48,5% of children were sensitized to house dust mites, 63,6% to tree pollen, 48,5% to meadow grass pollen, 30,9% to weed pollen, and in 21,8% sensitization to epidermal allergens was found. Conclusion. The findings of the study showed that in most cases (96,2%), children with allergic rhinitis receiving ASIT had moderate/severe rhinitis and in 73,3% symptoms were persistent. In 74,5% of cases, allergic rhinitis was accompanied by allergic conjunctivitis. Most part of children receiving ASIT had multiple sensitization (58,2%). Also a delayed beginning of ASIT was observed - 4,8±2,5 year from primary diagnosis to ASIT initiation.

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About the authors

N V Shakhova

Altai State Medical University

Barnaul, Russia

V V Gordeev

Altai State Medical University

Barnaul, Russia

U F Lobanov

Altai State Medical University

Barnaul, Russia

T S Ardatova

Altai State Medical University

Barnaul, Russia

M V Surcova

City Clinical Children's Hospital No. 7

Barnaul, Russia


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