Vaccination of patients with primary immunodeficiencies: a modern view on the problem

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Vaccination in patients with primary immunodeficiencies (PID) remains a subject of serious discussion. 20 years ago it was thought that vaccination could cause unacceptable harm to patients’ with PID, so immunization with any vaccine was strictly prohibited. Later this position was softened, when it had turned out that the risk of adverse events developing for most of the vaccines patients with PID is not higher than of the rest population. Nevertheless, it was supposed that immunization of these patients was useless because of patients’ inability to form a post-vaccination immunity. Only for the last 10 years due to new researches and accumulated experience an attitude towards vaccination in patients with PID has been radically changed. Nowadays there is only a small range of vaccines is strictly prohibited to use, while immunization against some infections is strongly recommended by the world community.

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T V Latysheva

Institute of Immunology


E A Latysheva

Institute of Immunology

I A Manto

Institute of Immunology

A M Kostinova

Institute of Immunology


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