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According to recent data, the pathogenetically significant condition for the onset of atopic dermatitis is increasing epidermal permeability barrier and, therefore, a primary step in the treatment and prevention of atopic dermatitis should be control over the skin condition. Effective use of modern methods of prevention of exacerbations helps to reduce the frequency of relapses, lengthen the periods of remissions and, in general, improve the quality of life of sick children.

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P I Gushchin

NRC Institute of Immunology FMBA of Russia

Email: dr.gushchin@yandex.ru
24, Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow, 115478, Russia

D G Chuvirov

NRC Institute of Immunology FMBA of Russia

24, Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow, 115478, Russia

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