Sotnikova N.Y., Pachomova T.V., Lykova T.A. Treatment efficacy of the combined medication Allergoferon® during persistent allergic rhinitis

· RAJ №1-2016

Sotnikova N.Y.1, Pachomova T.V.2, Lykova T.A.3

1 V.N. Gorodkov Ivanovo Research Institute of Maternity and Childhood, Ministry of Healthcare
of the Russian Federation
2 Department of Healthcare, Ivanovo Region, Russia
3 Kuvaev Ivanovo Clinical Hospital, Russia

Key words: persistent allergic rhinitis, interferon alpha-2b, loratadine, Allergoferon, clinical efficacy

Background. To assess the efficacy of a new medication Allergoferon®, gel for topical application, in the treatment
of persistent allergic rhinitis
Materials and methods. This paper summarizes experience with the combined anti-allergic medication Allergoferon
® in the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis at the manifestation stage in 60 outpatients aged 18 to 75.
The study was conducted at outpatient hospitals in the city of Ivanovo in 2014–2015. Symptoms were assessed
on the 3rd, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and 42nd days, in comparison with the pretreatment period, using patient complaints
and clinical and laboratory research data.
Results. According to our data, a significant improvement was noted in half of the patients at the 3rd day of treatment,
in two -thirds of them – at the 7th day of treatment. In general, improvement of nasal symptoms, compared
to the pre treatment period, was noted in all patients at the final visit. The significance of differences was established
in 75%. The most positive effect was observed during 7–14 days.
Conclusion. A high treatment efficacy of medication Allergoferon® was revealed for patients with allergic
persistent rhinitis. The treatment efficacy and the lack of adverse side effects attest to the potential use of this
medication in clinical practices.